Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CowCow USB 4-Port Hub for $ 12

A very funny hub with four USB 2.0 ports compatible for those who are attracted to such things. This hub can help you to transfer your data and information between your computer and the USB device. It will sound three cow calls when you plug it into the USB port.

The CowCow USB 4-Port Hub
- USB 2.0 compatible with USB 1.1
- Cute cow shape
- You will hear three roars when you connect it to PC
- Size: 90x50x48mm
- Weight: 50g

The CowCow USB 4-Port Hub
You can find it in many color versions, as: white, blue, brown or yellow and has a cost of approximately $ 12.

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Full HD 3D notebook, Xnote A510 by LG for

The world’s first premium notebook offering cinematic 3D experience at near Full HD quality, namely LG Xnote A510 will be launched by LG Electronics (LG). The LG Xnote A510 features a hardware combination never before offered on a notebook.
The 15.6-incher machine will also include LED Backlit 1920 x 1080 screen display resolution, Intel CPU options including Core i7 CPU 840QM and 740QM; Core i5 580M, 560M, and 460M; and Core i3 380M and 370M, up to 4GB of RAM, 640GB of storage, and dedicated graphics with NVIDIA GT425M with 1GB of RAM.
The LG Xnote A510 ships with polarized glasses for easier portability, the notebook boasts SRS TruSurround HD for the ultimate immersive audio experience for movies and games. LG equipped the notebook with TriDef software which converts 2D into 3D content on demand.
The LG A510 notebook is coming in two color schemes: blue-black and champagne gold. LG will roll out this premium notebook in Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa starting in October 2010.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

7-inch tablet frenzy by Dell CEO

First was Samsung's Galaxy Tab, then Apple followed suit with the iPad 2, then recently, Dell's CEO Michael Dell gave a hint of what appears to be their entry to the foray which is consequently powered by Google's Android mobile operating system. 
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Toshiba Qosmio X500 gaming laptop for $1,300

Qosmio X500 gaming laptop by Toshiba, It is rich black and red casing tacked a hefty specifications that includes NVIDIA’s high-end GTX 460M discrete graphics, DirectX 11, Optimus technology, and 3D support for its 18.4 gigantic display.  Anyone Can also choose from Core i7 or i5 processors, SSD range and up to 8GB of RAM. The x-factor for this gaming machine is the simulated Harmon Kardon 5.1 surround sound speakers and backlit keyboard.

Toshiba Qosmio X500 laptop will be available from October, 2010 in U.K.
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Toshiba brings in market Wimax-ready laptops could be between $760 and $1,08

Toshiba's Digital Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today rolled out a range of premium 4G WiMAX™-ready laptops 1, designed to give consumers broader wireless coverage all over town, not just at wireless hotspots.

Now Toshiba Qosmio X500 gaming laptop was refreshed, here's some of the company's new updated notebooks now Wimax-ready: Satellite E205, M645 and A665, and Protege R705 with MSRP starting between $760 and $1,080 and will hit retail around September 26th. And if you're after that mighty 4G antennas mounted on this machines, hit the continue link for the press release.Thanks for reading.
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Self Heating Bottle for Baby by iiamo for £20

iiamo Self Heating Baby Bottle is the only baby’s bottle in the world that will warm up to 180ml of milk to a recommended 37°C in only 4 minutes. And the cool thing there is no need for any electricity, perfect for techie-mom that's always on the go.

Iiamo is a brilliantly designed baby feeding bottle by Karim Rashid, which is the first baby bottle featuring a unique self heating mechanism. Iiamo feeding bottle includes a disposable heating cartridge that is able to heat the milk up to 37 degrees in just four minutes. The main ingredients of this organic cartridge are salt and water, thus you will not have to worry about the hygienic issues for your kids. This useful gadget will provide you easy access to warm milk whether you are on the plane, in your car, at the beach, café or park.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Payperpost Can also the way to earn money


There are dozens of web sites that specialize in bringing advertisers and bloggers together. This competitive industry is called pay per post blogging.

Behind the scenes, advertisers rate the quality of your blog posts. If a particular advertiser isn't pleased with the way you handled the job, it could potentially damage any chance you have at getting paid to blog in the future. So while it may be easy to write a quick post for $5, it's better to invest a bit of extra time to understand what your advertiser wants out of the deal. Read the request completely.

Also, just because you are writing a pay per post ad doesn't mean it can't be a normal blog post that your typical readers would enjoy. Spend some time on the sponsors website or searching the web for information that you can use in your post that also fits the content of your blog. It will make your content more seamless and you'll also have a post to be proud of.

Remember step one. If you write quality blog posts and casually incorporate the ad, it will look natural. There's no reason to be ashamed. You are helping the company to help you. 

Make your posts stand out! If you link to your sponsors website, change the color of their link to make it different from all of the others on your blog. This will draw attention to it, which is what the advertiser wants.

You can also spice up your posts with pictures or clip art. You can find a lot of royalty free stock photos on the web if you search a little. This is easy, and it shows your sponsor that you've put a lot of thought and energy into making your post as eye catching as possible. They will love you for it!
The paid posts, that is. Your blog should flow seamlessly from post to post. If you mainly blog about celebrities, it would be strange to see a post about Britney Spears and then read about online casinos in the next post and baby formula in the post after that. Keep your sponsored blogging to a 1:10 ratio. That means for every paid post that you do, make sure you've written ten regular blog posts - give or take a few - before you take on another job.
Not only will your visitors stick around to read your posts, but your sponsored posts won't get lost in an ocean of advertisements. Being selective will also force the advertisers to compete for your posts, earning you more respect and of course, more money.

You Can Make Money from Adsense

Google AdSense is an advertising program administered by Google that displays ads on a member's website, blog, or forum. If you have a blog, website, or forum, you can add Google AdSense and earn passive income.
Visit google.com/adsense to sign up. It is free, you don't have to pay a fee to participate in the program. Thoughtfully choose Google AdSense positions on your site. Place as many ads as allowed above the fold.
Use the upper left corner. Visitors who read in English read in a left to right, top to bottom motion. The upper left corner is an optimal location for Google ads as this location catches the reader's eye almost immediately.
Consider the shape and size of the ads. Google AdSense offers many forms, or units, of ads. The wide tower, skyscraper or block ads generally perform the best, but are often too wide to fit on blogs. Fit the skyscraper ads in if you can, but don't force it - there are more things you can do to optimize your ads.
Choose colors for your ads that blend in with your site, so the ad looks like site content, and not an ad. Use the same background color as the background color on your site, the same text color, link color, and so on.
Use as many Google ad units as allowed. You can maximize the opportunities for clicks when you add more ad units. Just make sure they blend well, fit properly, and don't look clunky or out of place.
Use Google AdSense research and evaluation tools. Study your AdSense reports and determine which kinds of ads, on which pages, in which locations, provide the most earnings. You can then remove ads that don't perform well and replace them with better performing ads.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making Money by BDTIPS.COM

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You don’t just earn from BdTips – you learn too. You learn about Google Addsense, Online Survey Solutions, Home Business Data Entry, Bloggs, Adsense Blogging, PPC Web, PPC CPE, Credit Affiliate, Google Referral, Lead Referral and all other online money making options available. It teaches you to avoid scams and earn money online from Bangladesh for real.

Bdtips helps open the Doors to Online Income for you. It’s not only a Legit Online Money Making Website – it’s a bd online money making guide for you!.

BdTips.com is a Online Money Making Website in Bangladesh that allows you to make money online from any corner of the world (as long as you've someone to withdraw money from Bangladesh). You don't have to invest a single taka or spend more than a few minutes to Start Earning Online in Bangladesh.

However, BdTips should not be taken as a main Source of Income Online or Offline! It's just a fun way of Earning Money at Leisure. You are allowed to post 1 article per day. In best case, you may earn 100 BDT against a published article. You may earn additional 15 taka for rating articles against a published article. So, theoretically, you may earn upto 3,450 Taka (50 USD) per month depending on how many articles are published and how they are rated and how many visits they get. It sounds poor, doesn't it? But if you take bdtips as a Piggy Bank of Online Earning - after five months it may make you happy with a substantial amount for hardly doing any work!.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sony Monster Hunter PSP-3000 special edition

A new special edition of PSP-3000 painted with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd graphics, slightly enhanced analog stock and 2200mAh capacity battery.
Well, besides the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd graphics, the newly refined PSP also ships with a slightly enhanced analog stick and beefier 2200mAh capacity battery. 
Look for it to ship on January 12th for ¥19,800 (about $232)
via [techgeeze]

Latest Audio Dock of Audyssey for the iPhone

Audyssey has launched a new Audio Dock which features an appealing, slim design and Bluetooth connectivity that enables audio streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device--including the iPhone. Power comes from the two 4-inch drivers and two 3/4-inch tweeters placed at the sides of this sleek black box. Audio input can be from either your trusty iPhone, or streaming via Bluetooth, or even via a micro USB device. In addition, it also includes built-in dual microphones perfect for your internet telephony needs.
The system is bi-amplified, just like professional studio speakers, and the sound quality is enhanced by five of Audyssey's proprietary technologies, Audyssey Dynamic Voice, Audyssey EQ, Audyssey Dynamic EQ, Audyssey BassXT, and Audyssey Dynamic Volume. These technologies work together to produce high quality sound for both music and phone calls.
The Audyssey Audio Dock: South of Market Edition will begin shipping in the fourth quarter of this year and will have a street price of $399

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Telemarketing (Work From Home) [craigslist]


Can you sit down and talk to 6 people 4 nights a week? Can you sell something that everybody needs and buys on a daily basis? I am looking for 3 good telemarketers looking to supplement their income with 300 a week. I provide the leads. I know the numbers and if you can talk to 6 people a night 4 nights a week you will make 300 if not more. Please reply with an email expressing your interest and a little bit about yourself. Thank you and good luck in your future endeavors.

  • Location: Work From Home
  • Compensation: 300 a week/ part time in the evenings
  • Telecommuting is ok.
  • This is a part-time job.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.





Data entry project - 3

Data Entry # 008 [Freelancer]

Create: 9/9/2010

End: 9/10/2010


looking for a good team or good individual for this simple data entering job. need good typing skills for this project.
Step 1:
Download the software from this link---->>>
Download from my attachment alternatively

PM him after successfully downloaded the soft


Data entry project - 4

Data Entry 3 hours a day needed - Long term job [oDesk]

Create: 9/9/2010

Duration: 3 to 6 month


Job Description

Data Entry 3 hours a day / 5 days a week needed

$2 an hour.

Need someone who is fast working on the computer for data entry/ administrative support work.

You will be working mainly on forums data entry.

Have to be comfortable working with Blackhat forums.  If you are not comfortable, please don't apply.

Start date - Immediately.

Skills Required:

Data Entry

Preferred Qualifications:

Feedback Score:  At least 4.50

Insert Product-1

Need someone to insert product in WHMCS [oDesk]

Create: 9/9/2010
End: Less than 1 Month

Job Description

Need someone to insert product in WHMCS
Please explain your experience with whmcs.
Pay 1.5$ per hour


captcha project-1

Easy Data Entry CAPTCHA PROJECTS slow and fast speed [Freelancer]

Create: 9/9/2010

End: 8/11/2010


All freelancers,

This is a simple Data entry Captcha project so bidders without feedback can apply.

This is a simple project. All you need to do follow my instructions. Just need to type images which you see in boxes.

We need huge workers. Please bid if you want to work honestly. IMAGES COMING 5PM EVENING ( INDIA TIME ) TILL MORNING 11:59 OR OTHER TIME ALSO BUT SLOW.

Daily entries 1K PLUS Also need your good support and regular work.

Our company rate is $0.80 /1k if performance good than 1$ per 1000 correct entries.

Those persons bid who have good skills about captcha and good speed hand inform me your experience and details.

SERVERS NAME : qlink, buster, grab, 7ocr, humanocr and many more servers in slow day time



Also contact our ymail




Saturday, August 28, 2010

Best opportunity to New Data Entry Operator in Bangladesh

It's so Easy Work. When doing work, Letter image will come. Write those Letter correctly.
At first Browse this site  http://standalone.entrymania.com
Then fill up user name and password.
User name: xplr32@yahoo.com
password: x8p2gt7q
After entering click workspace for doing captcha entry.
every 5000 successful entry 275 BDT.

Data entry project - 2

Copy-paste only data entry job [oDesk]

Create: 28 August 2010

Duration: Less than 1 week


Hello all,

I am a web developer who needs some records moved from one web-browser based application to another one(new version of the same).

There are total of 310 records.

Your task will include of the following step for each record -

1 . Open the record in the old application.
2 . Copy-paste the basic details(about 5 fields).
4 . Analyze 8 fields and copy paste them into the application one by one(all the 8 fields wont be filled, only a dew 2-3 will be filled).
3 . Analyze a few other fields having large data(7-8),copy the data(carefully!) and paste it into the corresponding field in the new application.(This needs a bit more explanation which I will elaborate to after awarding the job).

This will have to be done for all the records (310) and only a few of them (around 150) have all the fields filled with data. Others have just a few fields (3-4) filled with data.

So If U wanna do this job, PLEASE CLICK THE JOB TITLE

Data entry project - 1

Research, Admin and Copywriting [oDesk]

Create: 28 August 2010

End: 02 September 2010


RocketSports.co.uk has 126 sports listed and I need to now add content.  Simply, there's an event's page and the goal is to input as many public events, for example the London Marathon, as possible.  I'm looking for between 15 and 25 events per sport, where you simply add in the name of the event, date, and you'll need to write a short description.  This can be lifted from their website but you may need to just re-write it.  Thus a very good level of English is required.  I can't have any broken English or bad language being used.

If U wanna do this work, PLEASE CLICK THE JOB TITLE