Saturday, August 28, 2010

Best opportunity to New Data Entry Operator in Bangladesh

It's so Easy Work. When doing work, Letter image will come. Write those Letter correctly.
At first Browse this site
Then fill up user name and password.
User name:
password: x8p2gt7q
After entering click workspace for doing captcha entry.
every 5000 successful entry 275 BDT.

Data entry project - 2

Copy-paste only data entry job [oDesk]

Create: 28 August 2010

Duration: Less than 1 week


Hello all,

I am a web developer who needs some records moved from one web-browser based application to another one(new version of the same).

There are total of 310 records.

Your task will include of the following step for each record -

1 . Open the record in the old application.
2 . Copy-paste the basic details(about 5 fields).
4 . Analyze 8 fields and copy paste them into the application one by one(all the 8 fields wont be filled, only a dew 2-3 will be filled).
3 . Analyze a few other fields having large data(7-8),copy the data(carefully!) and paste it into the corresponding field in the new application.(This needs a bit more explanation which I will elaborate to after awarding the job).

This will have to be done for all the records (310) and only a few of them (around 150) have all the fields filled with data. Others have just a few fields (3-4) filled with data.

So If U wanna do this job, PLEASE CLICK THE JOB TITLE

Data entry project - 1

Research, Admin and Copywriting [oDesk]

Create: 28 August 2010

End: 02 September 2010

Description: has 126 sports listed and I need to now add content.  Simply, there's an event's page and the goal is to input as many public events, for example the London Marathon, as possible.  I'm looking for between 15 and 25 events per sport, where you simply add in the name of the event, date, and you'll need to write a short description.  This can be lifted from their website but you may need to just re-write it.  Thus a very good level of English is required.  I can't have any broken English or bad language being used.

If U wanna do this work, PLEASE CLICK THE JOB TITLE