Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making Money by BDTIPS.COM

MAKE MONEY FROM BDTIPS: You can Start Making Money Online in Bangladesh now. All you need to do is -

1. Sign Up, FREE (You Never Pay Bdtips)
2. Sign In,
3. Post Tips/Articles,
4. Rate Tips/Articles.


You can withdraw your money anytime given that you've earned 100 taka. To check your online income from BdTips click on My Income (displayed after you sign in). 

You don’t just earn from BdTips – you learn too. You learn about Google Addsense, Online Survey Solutions, Home Business Data Entry, Bloggs, Adsense Blogging, PPC Web, PPC CPE, Credit Affiliate, Google Referral, Lead Referral and all other online money making options available. It teaches you to avoid scams and earn money online from Bangladesh for real.

Bdtips helps open the Doors to Online Income for you. It’s not only a Legit Online Money Making Website – it’s a bd online money making guide for you!.

BdTips.com is a Online Money Making Website in Bangladesh that allows you to make money online from any corner of the world (as long as you've someone to withdraw money from Bangladesh). You don't have to invest a single taka or spend more than a few minutes to Start Earning Online in Bangladesh.

However, BdTips should not be taken as a main Source of Income Online or Offline! It's just a fun way of Earning Money at Leisure. You are allowed to post 1 article per day. In best case, you may earn 100 BDT against a published article. You may earn additional 15 taka for rating articles against a published article. So, theoretically, you may earn upto 3,450 Taka (50 USD) per month depending on how many articles are published and how they are rated and how many visits they get. It sounds poor, doesn't it? But if you take bdtips as a Piggy Bank of Online Earning - after five months it may make you happy with a substantial amount for hardly doing any work!.


You can Make Friendship with Bangladeshi Girls and Boys who are Earning Money Online in BD from BDTIPS. They can make money by rating your articles and this brings you money too - it's a win-win situation!

Besides, your articles brings you fame and enables you to share your aesthetics, values, sense of humor and your knowledge with the whole world.


It pays you in three different ways:

1. Deposits your earning in your Bangladeshi Bank Account (if you've earned more than 500 BDT from Bdtips).

2. Recharges your cell phone balance (if you've earned at least 100 BDT from bdtips) or

3. You collect the money from BdTips.com physically...

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