Saturday, August 28, 2010

Data entry project - 2

Copy-paste only data entry job [oDesk]

Create: 28 August 2010

Duration: Less than 1 week


Hello all,

I am a web developer who needs some records moved from one web-browser based application to another one(new version of the same).

There are total of 310 records.

Your task will include of the following step for each record -

1 . Open the record in the old application.
2 . Copy-paste the basic details(about 5 fields).
4 . Analyze 8 fields and copy paste them into the application one by one(all the 8 fields wont be filled, only a dew 2-3 will be filled).
3 . Analyze a few other fields having large data(7-8),copy the data(carefully!) and paste it into the corresponding field in the new application.(This needs a bit more explanation which I will elaborate to after awarding the job).

This will have to be done for all the records (310) and only a few of them (around 150) have all the fields filled with data. Others have just a few fields (3-4) filled with data.

So If U wanna do this job, PLEASE CLICK THE JOB TITLE

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